Experience Counts.


Each of our instructors are seasoned musicians who are passionate about both playing music and meeting the needs of the students they teach. 

Aaron Souza
Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar

Aaron is the founder of North Coast Music and has been teaching music lessons in the Eel River Valley for over 20 years. His experience with music ensembles, rock bands, and songwriting gives him special insight and perspective that is helpful to the students that he teaches. Knowledgeable and easy going, Aaron helps musicians of all ability levels have fun and grow in confidence while learning to play their instrument.

Kristin Renfer
Piano & Violin

Kristin is a classically trained musician who has been teaching music for half a decade. Her goal is to promote musical excellence while tailoring music education to fit the strengths of each student. She enjoys working with beginners as well as more advanced students who need extra encouragement to continue growing in skill. Her desire is to pass on a love for the beauty of music to the next generation.

Chris Cooper
Guitar and Bass

Chris brings fifteen years of teaching experience to North Coast Music. He has taught guitar, bass guitar, and mixed ensemble groups of strings, vocals, percussion, brass, and woodwinds. Chris is also a seasoned performer; in his career he has played in several folk, country, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll groups. He is enthusiastic about inspiring children and teens to be passionate about learning an instrument, and believes that music enriches the lives of all his students.